5 Types of Cyber Attacks and How They Affect Your Business

Living in the modern era based on technology our lives revolve around internet. This internet is the solution to all of our problems. But sometimes this internet also becomes the reason for problems. When we talk about problems caused because of the advanced technology, the major threat that comes to our mind is cyber crime or cyber attacks. Nowadays cyber crime is a serious thing to worry about. Cyber Attack is an offensive attempt by hackers to damage a computer network or system. It can be employed by nation states, individuals, groups or organisations. Cyber attacks in different contexts can be called as cyber campaign, cyber warfare, or cyber terrorism. Cyber attacks is a manoeuvre in which the attackers target computer networks or infrastructures and alter or destroy the system. They can also ruin the computer systems of an entire nations. So making cyber-attacks a very dangerous act. So before getting into the detailed discussion about cyber-attacks and their types, we should first know about their causes.

Cyber attacks

The main cause of cyber crime is making big amount of money. And money can be made from rich people or rich organisations like banks, financial firms or casinos. Cyber crimes can be caused because of easy access to codes or retina images or advanced voice recorders used to fool bio metric systems. Also number of cyber crimes increase as humans being imperfect can make minor mistake in the operating systems running on millions of codes and making that mistake an advantage by hacker and getting access to the data. However the evidence of the crime can also be destroyed very easily making it impossible to track the hacker.

Types of Cyber attacks


Malware is a single term that includes virus, worms etc. it is malicious software designed to destroy your computer. It may enter the system through emails or software downloads or by accessing any link sent by any unknown user.


Phishing is the way in which the user is sent a link through email and making the user believe the link contains important information and asking them for their personal information. And by this way the hacker gets important personal information about the user which may helping destroying his accounts.

Password attacks

Through this way the attackers try to crack your account passwords through software running on their system by trying different combinations of passwords from some of your information like your name, birth date or your address.

Denial of service attacks 

In this type the attacker makes the network source unavailable and disrupting the services. This is done by increasing the traffic causing the site to load slowly or making the traffic enough for the site to shut down.

Man in the middle 

The man in the middle in any exchange of personal information online or transfer of money can easily get the information sent by one person to the other.  The attacker can communicate with you by impersonating the other person and do the same with the other person. This can take place in banking online.

So these are some major types of cyber-attacks taking place nowadays. These attacks can cause major damage to our businesses and organisations. As the main reason of these attacks is money, they may cause financial crises to the business by stealing customer bank details and payment card details which may cause theft of money and breach the trust of customers from the organisations. This may lead to decline in business contracts. It may also reduce the transactions taking place online. Also the business that has got affected will have to spend money to repair the affected systems and networks. The major loss caused to the business would be the reputation damage. The trust that has built among the customers with organisation would damage. And it takes years to build that trust again among the customers.

Therefore, cyber-attacks are a big thing to worry about. So, to protect our data cyber security is very necessary because government, military, corporate, financial, and medical organizations collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. For an effective cyber security, an organization needs to coordinate its efforts throughout its entire information system.