Cloud Email Security To Your Existing Email Provider

Protect your email users from Malware, Phishing, Spoofing & Abuse Attacks

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Key Benefits

Now & Never afraid of email security breaches

Detects & blocks advanced threats

Pre-execution machine learning that filters unknown malware

Dynamic sandbox analysis

Exploit detection

Stops phishing and spam

Examine the authenticity and reputation of email sender

Analyzes email content to filter out spam and phishing

Protect against malicious URL's at delivery and at time -of -click

Protects against business email compromise

Combine enhanced machine learning with expert rules to analyze the both the header and content of email. 

Gives you the flexible to define your organization's high profile users list for BEC Protection.

Exploit detection

Why cloud email security ?

Faster Detection

Layered protection guards against persistent and targeted attacks from ransomware and other types of Zero-day malware with enhanced efficiency using.

Stronger Protection

Email Security gateway services screens out malicious senders using a variety of approaches.

Better Fraud Protection

Examines the behaviour and intention of the sender to help you protect your critical communications.

Followings are few key benefit of Hosted email security

24/7 Email continuity

Antivirus and malware protection, including zero-hour detection

Email sender analysis and authentication by SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Protection: Known threats (spam, malware, malicious URLs, and graymail)

Compliance: DLP & email encryption

Reporting: Customisable and scheduled reports

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